Writing prompt #5

I do stand out from the crowd because I really do that literally. I don’t follow someone or something because everyone is doing it. I need to be convinced that it is the right way to go. If I am convinced, I would follow but will still use my reason, my brain.

It isn’t that I think I am wiser or better than others, it is the non-conformist in me that wants a solid reason to follow a certain course of action. The blindly following is not for me. Being one of the crowd, just a stat in the general scheme of things has never appealed to me. So I would claim this as my only remarkable quality, that I don’t want to be one of many. If possible I want to be the one many follow. And that would be because I think I would be going the right way!

How about you? What is that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Share your feedback in comments or use the writing prompt to creat your own post.

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Writing prompt #5

By Sarah Elizabeth Moor


10 thoughts on “Writing prompt #5

  1. First, I deleted Facebook, which apparently makes me unique among my peers. I know of only one other person who doesn’t have an account. I don’t like doing what everyone else does just because “it’s the way things are done.” Never have. I question it all.

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  2. I’ve always stood out, was never one to follow the crowd; a very consistent person. When I was young I thought I was moving to the beat of my own heart, but realized later in life; it was to the beat of God’s heart! Nice post!

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