Afternoon Barbecue

Summer had finally arrived, a time for picnics and open air barbecues with friends and family. Andy and Jenny decided to have a party on the coming weekend. Jenny took care of the invites and Andy arranged for all the supplies they would need. He was keen to test his new grill, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

On the day of the party, he fired up the grill and got all the meats ready. Their guests started arriving around six in the evening and he was keen to start grilling the steaks and patties. His wife came over where he was busy and told him to be careful and not to overcook the meat, as no one liked dried out steaks. Andy assured her that he knew what he was doing and proceeded with his first batch of burger patties. Everything was going as planned, but when he tried to flip the patties over they had stuck to the gridiron of the grill. Apparently you were supposed to spray it with the high heat cooking oil , and he had forgotten all about it in his excitement. Jenny, seeing the smoke from the burning patties, came over to help him. “I told you to be careful”she told him, scrapping off the charred meat from the grill.You see this is the tricky part, where you need to pay attention to details”, she told a abashed Andy. After the guests had left, they were cleaning up the grill and Andy agreed that in hindsight, he had been too sure of himself. He should have listened to his wife and not fallen for the marketing gimmicks, when they tell you that the grill was non-stick!

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