50 words Thursdays #5

And here is the phrase: Through April, May and into June there was no word of John, Ross, Giles and the others. 

The rules
1 Completed piece must be in multiples of 50 words – maximum of 250 words. Anything is acceptable – poetry, story, anecdote.
2 There will be a photo and a random phrase that I will take from the current book I am reading – you can use either or both

They were friends since school. Their adventures were usually harebrained and childish, but none of them wanted to grow up. But now their mad adventures were catching up with them. John had a fractured arm bone, which was healing albeit slowly. And Ross now had a bad knee. They were after all now in their fifties.

So they decided to pull their last job. It was going to be a bank heist. They parked the getaway car in the alley at the side of the bank, which was maned by Giles. Wearing the masks, they had purchased from a Halloween costume store, and waving their toy guns they managed to deprive the bank of a lot of cash, to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars. As they exited the bank, Giles drove up and they all piled up in the old beaten down sedan. The job had gone perfectly, except one complication. Jack, their leader tripped, while leaving the bank and the rest of the gang didn’t wait for him. He was arrested and through April, May and into June there was no word of John, Ross, Giles and the others. The police is still looking for them.

Written for;

50 Words Thursdays # 5

Word count= 200



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