Time to write; Sentence Starter #43 [ Creative Writing Prompts]

Write a story beginning with the sentence above.

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“I thought we agreed no more secrets?” She said in a tired and exasperated voice. ” But mom, I didn’t keep it a secret. I just came to know about it today, and I was going to tell you about it” Bob replied. He was close to tears. She immediately regretted her question.

” I know sweetheart, but if you had mentioned the visit to the principal’s office yesterday, I would not be caught unawares ”

” But mom, the head didn’t say anything about the remedial classes yesterday. It was only decided today” Bob said. ” I thought that after the test results I would have made the grade but Mrs Smith thought that I still need more work on my maths”

” It okay my love, I just needed a heads up. I know how hard you are working on your maths. We all are born with our strengths and weaknesses. Nobody can be as good as you are in creative writing ” she said , her smile beaming. She really was so proud of her son’s ability in writing such amazing stories.

” Hey are you up for a pizza dinner tonight?”

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Time to write #43


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