Tell The Story Challenge #8

Paula of Light Motifs has tagged me to writer story about this picture .

It was her birthday today.

And nobody had remembered. It was true that in a fit of pique, she had made her date of birth private in the Facebook settings, but she expected at least her family to remember. But no calls today from her parents or her sister came today. Well she was 29 today. Not a kid anymore. She will not get down because no one remembered. Giving herself pep talk, she went into her favorite bakery to get a small cupcake for herself. A lovely little bite of deliciousness to cheer herself up.

She was balancing the cupcake and her bag as she opened her apartment door. As she turned on the light, the whole place erupted with shouts of “Happy birthday”. A beautiful surprise party arranged by her best friend and her sister. And best of all her parents had made the journey to attend it too.

It was her best birthday!

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Tell the story Challenge #8

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A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips

I didn’t have my glasses on

Bereaved singled dad

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