Three Things Challenge #32

Jasper rushed into the classroom, apologizing to his teacher. “I am so sorry to be late to the class , but I couldn’t help it ,sir” he said in a rush. His teacher , cast aa skeptical glance at him, ” And what was it that you couldn’t help? Let all hear the reason that you are fifteen minutes late, when you know that today was the assignment presentation ” Jasper gulped down his nervousness and started to explain the circumstances which had made him late today of all the days.

” Sir, my dog ate my assignment ” he said and the class erupted into a loud roar of laughter and cat calls. ” Your dog! That would the fifth time that he did it then” his teacher obviously not believing a word of Jasper’s statement. “I am sorry, but this is no excuse, it is going to be a visit to the principal’s office for you Jasper!

But Sir,…….

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sorry, late, no excuse



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