The Friday Four February 1/19

A Guy Called Bloke, AKA Rory has asked his four questions:

The Friday Four

1] Does modern life give us more freedom or less freedom than in the past?

The modern day life is a knife that cuts both ways. We have faster modes of traveling and ease of travel but we cannot really escape as we usually are attached to our cell phones. No avoiding calls, no excuse of being away from the phone. We have the freedom to immerse ourselves in stories and books but the time to do so is so very limited. Information is available everywhere about everything but which source to trust?

2] How do we know that our life as we live it, is actually our own life and that we are not trapped in an imaginary world of our own making?

Just give yourself a big pinch, you will speedily realize that you are living in reality. The imaginary world exists in our dreams but when we wake up, it is the real life.

3] How do you think we should measure the successes of our life? Is it the things we do day in day out? Is it purely a number crunching exercise as to how long we actually live on the planet? Or is it something else?

We measure the success of our life by counting how many people we made happy by being there. How many smiles we passed on and how many times we extended the helping hand. The rest is just routine. The eating, sleeping and the rest is what we all do to live.

4] We hear and read people who make claim to living an ordinary life. What is exactly that anyway? I mean if we request for others to define ‘normal’, then surely we should also ask others to define an ordinary life?

Living an ordinary life means that there is no fanfare and media coverage of your life. But no life, if lived well is ordinary. We all have tremendous significance to someone in this world and that is the reason why no life is ordinary. We touch many people in the world during our lives, and to these people we are extraordinary.

If you find these questions interesting, then take them up in a post of your own, or answer at the original post, created by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke!



8 thoughts on “The Friday Four February 1/19

  1. Excellent and honest answers Sadje, l love how l have read three of the Friday fours so far, another to go, and to see each interpretation of the questions, although a universal agreement to much with slightly different variations – thank you as usual for playing along 🙂

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