An Admirable Notion


An admirable notion,

To save all the ocean

From the garbage and

Oil spills and plastic

That are spoiling its beauty

The fish are dying and

Losing their beautiful habitat

To the greed of the human race

Who are exploiting the treasure of the seas

Let’s be concise and direct to explain

That we have been busy polluting

The vast oceans that are life-giver

To the marine life and plankton

It is now the time to learn this fact

We have to get smarter and give back




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13 thoughts on “An Admirable Notion

      1. well, yes they do. I suppose you’re contrasting them to what people do. No, they don’t consciously choose to, its just the way we are. I suppose you could say that about people too. We have to work very hard to control our instincts, the fish don’t. But the fish would not be a problem if people had not placed them in a new ocean where there are no natural controls. Its just another problem that we are ultimately responsible for.


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