Tell The Story Challenge # 7

Dr Tanya @Salted Caramel has tagged me to tell a story about the picture above.

The drop of water appeared ordinary. But it wasn’t. It contained a whole world inside of it. Going against the power of gravity, it flew upwards. The tiny beings inside it were oblivious of this fact and continued with their everyday lives. All except one individual. He was the very very inquisitive being, called Marvin. Marvin was the genius of this world. He solved problems no one else even noticed. For this reason he wasn’t given much credit but that didn’t bother him. He was too busy finding new problems and solving them.

Today he had noticed that all the world was traveling upwards. This reality he discovered when he was drinking his tea. He had to stand on his head to gulp down the brew. He immediately got busy to solve this puzzle. After thinking hard and long, it dawned on him that the upward trend of his universe was the result of rebound effect. Using his gravity corrector, he revered the polarity of his world and sat back to enjoy his tea right side up!

But alas, he couldn’t share this moment of glory with anyone, as people weren’t aware of the situation in the first place.

Written for;

Tell the story Challenge

My photo prompt is;

Photo credit: William Webb

I am tagging:

1. Fandango of This That and the Other

2. Kristian of the Tales from the mind of Kristian

3. Lisa of All About Life



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