Tell The Story Challenge # 6

I am tagged by Kristian of the lesson from around the dinner table to tell a story about the picture above.

The birthday party was done and over with. Samual was so excited that he couldn’t wait to open his presents.

” Not so fast, young man” came his mom’s voice from the kitchen, where she was busy in cleaning up the mess left by sixteen nine year olds. ” But mom, I want to open my presents first” cam Sam’s whine. “First you will help me in cleaning up the living room and then we can sit together and open the presents” Samuel dragged his steps over to where his mom was busy putting away stuff. He was a bit miffed about the presents but since he was a good little guy, he soon was doing his fair share of the tidying up. The last item to take care were the balloons, which were hanging in the living room.

“Mom, can’t we keep them around for a few days?” ” We’ll my dear, you can see that they are already loosing air and were drooping. And the are very much in the way. Let’s get them down and clean up the place”. Together the took down the colorful balloons and the took those and the garbage bags to put in the dumpster near their apartment.

That evening the squirrels had a strange rubbery snack to nibble on!

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Tell the story Challenge

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Photo Credit: William Webb

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