Dealing With Spam!

Is your blog being inundated by spam?

Recently a lot of bloggers at WordPress have complained of having a LOT OF SPAM comments in their spam folder.

I am also facing the same problem. I have tried to block them individually and then deleting these comments. Sometimes they are in a large number and it takes a lot of time, which I don’t have.

So I have worked out a solution that is working for me so far and I want to share it with you.

1. Bulk edit option;

When the spam messages are running in hundreds, then the only option is to do a bulk edit.

a) Open the comments page and click on spam messages.

b) Click on the Bulk edit tab on the right side corner.

c) Click on the Square box on the left side to select all the comments that are on that page, which are 20. All of them will be selected.

d) Delete these by clicking on the 🗑 trash can icon. Repeat till all the comments are deleted

2. Blocking and permanently deleting comments;

There is a small icon on the right side, with user info written near it. Click on it and select the block user option. You can do this if the spam messages are not that many. After blocking the user, you can delete the message

What to do when you see more messages after a while/ day?

I have noted that for some reason beyond my comprehension, the spam messages are posted on my older posts and just on a few of them. There are times that only one post is targeted and 10-20 spam messages are posted there.

My solution:

If you have observed this phenomenon, go to the post which is attracting these spammers, and in the settings, disable the comments. This has worked for me. It will stop the flow of these spam comments.

Just uncheck the allow comments in the discussion , and this should take care of that issue.

Hope this post helps tackling this irritating problem.




40 thoughts on “Dealing With Spam!

  1. Very useful tips! I’ve also found that if you adjust your Discussion settings so key words are blacklisted (such as poker / casino / Nike / air jordans – clearly they think I’m a gambling addict OR a basketball player, ha!), that should also prevent comments/URLs with those key words making it through Akismet.

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  2. 🙂 I do check every spam message since innocent comments from some of my fellow bloggers end up in the spam area.

    In my case, I am not for disabling comments.

    After all, Akismet does a wonderful job of filtering out spam.

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  3. Good tips Sadje.
    I check my spam folder about once a week. Sometimes there are genuine bloggers there, so I approve their comments.
    The rest I delete (there are normally 10-20) but I do cast my eyes over them because some of them are hilarious!!

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  4. I have a far simpler solution I don’t look in my spam folder, in fact it is only recently with the assistance of a young person that I have actually found the spam folder. I’m led to believe that it automatically deletes when it gets a certain number in the file, so on the principle of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” I say just leave it alone, job done!

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  5. I don’t have a problem with comments, but I do get a lot of “likes” from spammy blogs. I’ve tried to block their site but it doesn’t seem to work, as they end up “liking” my latest post. It is infuriating. Since WP partnered with Google, the spam issue have gotten much worse. I am NOT renweing my WP subscription, that’s for sure.

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      1. I don’t have an issue with comments. I have an issue with creepy, spammy blogs encountering my blog and “liking” a post that I worked so hard to compose. My intended audience are for humans, NOT bots who catch a blog via keywords. It’s creepy.

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