Three Things Challenge was # 29-2019

A beautiful painting hung in the foyer. The guests to the hotel were usually very interested in it and often stopped to admire it. The hall porter had the story pat. It was the painting of the elf queen, Sallavana. She was the beloved wife of the King who ruled in the middle ages. This piece of art was painted by the court appointed painter, Jacob. As the story went the queen fell in love with the painter and they tried to leave the castle in the dead of night but were caught by the king’s guards. The king banished the painter and imprisoned his queen in the dungeons. It is said that the queen perished in those dungeons, alone and friend less. The castle was later converted to this beautiful luxury hotel. The ghost of the queen is said to haunt the castle on moonlit nights.

Written for;


story, elf, art



Photo credit: Google photos

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