Three things challenge # 28

Taking a look at herself, she admired her new navy blue, cowboy style jeans. It was her first day at work today and she wanted to look her best. She got ready in record time today, as the alarm didn’t go off on time and when she got up it was a bit later than she wanted it to be. Anyway, she was looking damn good, even if she said it herself.

Heading out she walked briskly towards her car. But it wouldn’t start. It was a puzzle as it was okay last evening when she had come back from her grocery run. In desperation she arranged for a cab to pick her up as it really was getting late. The cab arrived in about ten minutes and as she got in, she felt a strange vibe from the driver of the cab. But she didn’t have time for this now, she thought to herself. It was a thirty minute ride to her new work place and it was broad daylight. She double checked with the driver about where she was to be dropped off and sat back and started to read the emails on her phone. Suddenly the cab stopped and the driver got off. In alarm, she shouted to him, asking why he had stopped and where did he think he was going. There was no reply from the driver, who was now some distance from the cab, fast disappearing into the alley.

The passenger door on the other side opened and a guy slid in. She was thoroughly alarmed and tried to open her side of the door to get out but it wasn’t budging. The man’s face was covered by a scarf and he asked her to settle down as there was no reason to panic. Not panic! She open her mouth to scream and a hand was clapped on her open mouth immediately, but strangely without violence. The man broke out into a laugh and lowered the scarf covering his face.

Suddenly she was laughing too, but there was a lot of anger mixed with relief in that laugh. “What do you think you are doing, Max? You scared me to death! ” And all her fiancé could do was to hold off her hands which were trying to box his ears and try to explain that he wanted to give her a surprise, after he had come back a week early from his overseas visit. He had tempered with her car so that it wouldn’t start. The cab driver was a friend who had agreed to help him in giving her this surprise.

“Well I am glad that you are back, but if you don’t want me to be fired on my first day at my new job, you better take me to my office ”

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Navy, cowboy, record



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