What makes you follow….

Rory is asking ;

What Makes You … want to follow another Blogger’s Blog?

So two questions ..

1] Would you follow your own blog and if so why?

I think I would. I like variety in content and I like to read optimists posts. There maybe be repetitive content in my blog, I am afraid. But still I write what I like to read. There are times when I write something and I amuses me so much that I laugh out at it.

2]  What do you personally look for when deciding to follow another blogger?

When following other blogs, I look for good content, which I can relate to. I also like a sense of humor and wit. I love posts with a variety to them. Poems, stories, guidance and other useful tips they all are in the blogs I follow.

Then there are blogs which are sort of community pillars, like your blog, Fandango, Teresa, Linda Hill, Sheryl, Patricia and BrewNSpew ( and many more) which are providing inspiration to a lot of bloggers to write on a daily or weekly basis. I follow these blogs to get inspired and also to learn.

If you want to give your feedback regarding these questions, head over to Rory, AKA the Bloke and answer these questions.



23 thoughts on “What makes you follow….

  1. Great answers, Sadje 🙂

    It doesn’t matter if you repeat yourself, so don’t worry about that. As long as you’re not copy/pasting the same post over and over, it isn’t really repetition, it’s more revisiting something which is a theme in your life, for you.

    In fact repetition is sometimes worth doing, depends on how it is done. One blog I follow has been around for approx 12 years and the blogger often repeats what they’ve said with an update but since I didn’t read it the first time it is new to me.

    I also sometimes laugh out loud at my own writing!

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  2. hey from a new follower! Im carol anne, from Ireland, I have did and ptsd, and I am blind, and I blog about a lot of things, including going through psychotherapy, living with mental illnesses, daily life, recipes, poetry, quotes etc! great to meet you!

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  3. Would I follow my own blog? Yes! – I follow most blogs about writing and the writing process. I also follow blogs that encourage people to be themselves, do what makes them happy. Writing, Photography, Poems, Travel, and Everyday living Qualifies.

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