Three Things Challenge # 27

We are a great civilization, aren’t we

We are so developed in every sphere

We have been to the moon and back

We are exploring the great universe now

But, do we look at the world around us

With open eyes, look how some of us are

Living, surviving and managing their existence

The ones who are deprived and wanting

All they want is a respite from constant war

To live in a world of peace, free of violence

Equality and respect for all should have been

The backbone of our civilization instead of

This new doctrine of superiority and division

Building of walls and separation of people

Can only bring more unquiet and regrets

Lay them aside and close the ranks within

Give them a message of rejecting of their

Distorted thinking and disfigured culture

Stand together for peace and for equality

Written for;


civilization, war, peace



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