The Friday Four # 5

A Guy called Bloke, AKA Rory has asked a serious set of questions;

The Friday Four

1] What are your strength and of your strengths – how have they helped you throughout your life?

My strengths have changed through the years. But somethings have remained constant. My one strength that I can count on, is being caring. The other would be, ready to help others in need. Another strong point that I feel is a recent acquisition is confidence. All these traits have helped me make friends. My extended family and people who were indifferent to me, now appreciate my good points.(This does sound so narcissistic! )

2] What are your weaknesses and how have they or have they hindered your successes in anyway and what have you done to overcome them to rue your day?

I have had many many weaknesses in my character. The major one was being too timid to stand up to anyone. Trying to please people and to make them like me was something that clung to me for a long time. It was finally when I was well in my forties that I laid aside this weakness. Being timid and unable to answer anyone who was being mean to me didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing after all as the people who weren’t nice to me when I was young, now are behaving pretty well, maybe because I never had the guts to tell them off. Another bad habit that I have more or less gotten over is worrying too much. It used to give me ulcers, worrying about thinks that were basically out of my control anyway. A lifetime ago I was that person who would make herself sick with worry, stress and tension. Now I am a much much improved version of that person. And I am so proud of myself.

3] What makes people believe absurd conspiracy theories or alternatively are all conspiracy theories absurd? Answer which sits best with you.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories myself. I don’t know why people do that but I guess they are a bit paranoid. Some of the theories you hear about are very unbelievable. But somethings are quite rational like the Russian involvement in the US elections. Maybe it is this sort of reality that strengthens their beliefs that if this is true than other theories can be true too. Like alien kidnappings and ufo landings ( specially in the USA) !

4] How important are morals in a healthy society? What are the most important morals for citizens to have?

Morality is what differentiates a developed society from a primitive one. The concept of good and bad, right and wrong are not only necessary for keeping the human nature in check but also essential to distinguish us from the wild animals, where only the rule of might is right works.

There are many moral values which should be the hallmark of a civilized society. Right now I can think of these;

1. Respect for the life, property and dignity of other human beings is the most important moral values.

2. Respect the right of being different and give the freedom to be different from others.

3. Being free, to practice one’s religion, culture or belief system.

4. Safety of human life and property should be ensured.

5. All people are equal and should be treated as such.



12 thoughts on “The Friday Four # 5

  1. Excellent Sadje, great answers on all four questions – narcisstic? No, nothing wrong at all in promoting your strengths 🙂 Well done with regards your weaknesses in not just recognising them, but coming to grips with them 🙂

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    1. I am told that once you cross forty, you don’t need to give a damn as to what others think of you, about you or about your actions. It worked for me! Maybe it’s a natural coming of age.

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