Life of a vagrant

This is a depressing aspect of our lives these days

These people that are called homeless or vagrant

Though no fault of their own, they are living badly

You have seen them around, in the back alleys, and

Living in cardboard houses, in places coved with slime

There is no heating, no shelter and hardly any cover

All the luxuries are out of their range but they have needs too

There maybe haunting memories of past torturing them

For the days when they also has a place to call home

So don’t think them the vagrants or a danger to the society

Help with a bit of warm food, a pair of socks or gloves

And if you cannot do that then spare a kind word or a smile

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12 thoughts on “Life of a vagrant

  1. on my recent trip abroad i saw this is startling clarity, it shook me to the core and i mentioned it to my friends, it does not happen in my country and it really saddened me. very beautiful poem though Sadje on such a sad subject

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