What Do You Think Makes For A Good Blogging Experience?

Rory, The Bloke has asked;

What Do You Think Makes For A Good Blogging Experience?

I think the answer is as varied as the reasons people blog. A good blogging experience is one the blogger gets the results he/she started the blog for.

A. If I wanted, at the start of my blogging experience, the satisfaction of reaching a lot of people with my writings, I would say the I have a good blogging experience if I get lot of followers who are reading and interacting with me on my blog. This to my mind is the objective of quite a lot of bloggers. Because primarily that is why we write, so that others read it.

B. Then there are the serious writers with publications to their name. These bloggers are blogging to boost their writing skills and to build an audience. For them the best in blogging experience would be to attract more people toward their books/ publications. They also try out their new WIP as beta publications on their blogs to check the response of the audience.

C. If a person is blogging as a cathartic process, just like writing a diary, but sharing it with his/ her reader, then their greatest experience would be when they find relief by sharing their feelings. I think it won’t matter to them how many people are reading their blog. One kindred spirit is enough. Or in another scenario, they find that this sharing is also helping others in a similar situation, they will find satisfaction.

D. Then the people who want to make money from blogging. They will find it their greatest experience when they are making a substantial amount of money from their blog (does anyone do that?) There is a legitimate desire to get paid for all the effort one is putting in blog writing, so if they get the return, they are satisfied.

E. The bloggers who is doing it on a whim. They will be getting satisfaction out of writing their posts, as all people who write know that when you have penned( so to speak) a good piece, a poem or a story you feel an inner satisfaction. These are the easiest to please bloggers.

F . The totally commercial blogs, running on multiple media formats simultaneously they are usually the super money makers. I don’t know that if they are getting a great blogging experience but the sure are successful.

My greatest experience is when people read and comment on my blog. Some have even shared my posts too. That to my mind is an amazing experience. I am not a hypocrite, so I will admit that if I can earn something from my blog, I will be very happy. But to date, I have earned all of $8 so that is not something I think will improve vastly in near future. But as I said earlier, if people are reading my posts and liking them I am happy!

So there is my two bits of opinion on the greatest blogging experience!


16 thoughts on “What Do You Think Makes For A Good Blogging Experience?

  1. Yep, varies for each and I do like the variety ~ poetry, flash fiction, photos, slices of life. Itโ€™s all good. And so far not much negativity like FB or Twitter for whatever reason. Yay bloggers! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  2. good statements that identifies the different bloggers, i also believe most bloggers will also mature into different areas as they continue on this journey, speaking from my own experience with my own blog and those of others i have been following for some time.

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