Tell the story Challenge #5

Street Art by Kenny Random – Padova, Italy

Given this photo prompt by Chris Hall, of Lunas on line

Tell the story challenge # 5

The reunion

Their present, past and future were fused together from the day they met. But the journey had been one of love lost and found again. It seemed to them that they were trying to be together since ages, but sometimes the time was not right and sometimes the circumstances.

Their love had survived all these periods of separation and finally the day came when they were able to embrace each other. The love was like a brightly burning fire which consumed them that day. Leaving a mark on the wall behind them for people to see, who came long after them. There is a shadow of a couple of lovers embracing etched on the wall and no one knows since when.

Written for; Tell the story challenge,

My photo prompt is;

I will nominate;

Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

Lisa of All About life

Kristian of The Tales from the mind of Kristian


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