Fandango provocative question # 11

Fandango has put another of his thought provoking questions to us;

Do you believe that terminally ill people should be allowed or encouraged to end their lives via physician-assisted suicide? If so, under any circumstances or should there be restrictions? If not, why not?

This is not only a very loaded question, it carries a lot of emotional weight behind it. I am frankly undecided as to how I should respond. Or if I were in the situation, what would be my choice. I have seen people who are terminally ill, as I am sure, most of us have. The hopelessness and the agony they are undergoing is very hard to see. Yet, euthanasia or assisted suicide is against the law in most countries and lot of states in the US. So the advocacy for this step would also have to face the legal implications for taking this step. Another argument is that we don’t know if a cure for the condition can be found to save that life. And when it comes to taking and implementing the actual decision, many of these people back down. Because taking a life or asking someone to do the deed is after all not a decision to be made lightly.

Optionally, if you were diagnosed with a terminal condition, would you consider physician-assisted suicide for yourself?

Following from the above discussion, I would not consider euthanasia. I would rather trust that God will ease that difficult time for me and my family. For me taking of any life, even my own is against the laws of God and would be an act of cowardice. Hope that I never come to the stage where this becomes an option.

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FPQ # 11



13 thoughts on “Fandango provocative question # 11

  1. I have to respectfully disagree. There are instances where euthanasia is the kinder and more humane thing to do…we do it for our pets, why not for our loved ones? And as you point out, it’s ultimately God’s choice (to me anyway), so if the procedure worked, obviously God allowed it. I’ve seen families go bankrupt and carry tremendous debt over hospital costs, medication costs and trying to keep a terminal patient ‘comfortable.’ Often the end of life ones are in extreme pain and are truly suffering. So to me it remains a very gray question…

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    1. It is a very gray area. If the law allows it and the patient himself asks for it, and no cure in the foreseeable future can be seen, than maybe this is the only option available. But my belief will not let me do it, as human life has more value.


    2. I agree. I think mercy killings are often the most humane thing to do. I cannot speak for anyone else, nor would I ever attempt to. this is a very personal choice. I know for me personally, if I ever get to the point where I am no longer”living” but only surviving through machines or when I am no longer myself, I no longer want to be “alive” just for the sake of being alive. What’s the point if there is no quality to my life?

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  2. I believe in the right to life from conception to a natural death. I also believe in the quality of life and do not see the justification in continuing life support by artificial means. As in all virtuous statements the concept of a natural death resides in my mind but the proof of that statement will be how I face my own death when it comes.

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