What would make for……Answer

Rory has asked a few questions about the awards. Please give your input as well.

What do you actually like about Awards?

To me, an award, what ever kind, is an encouragement of the efforts of a blogger. Specially a new blogger feels elated by an award nomination. I remember when I got my first Sunshine Blogger Award, I felt that I have received recognition. And I think that most bloggers feel that way, specially on the reception of their first award.

What do you not like about Awards?

The forward gifting of the award is the most tricky part. The problem is two folds.

1. Who to gift/ nominate

2. The reception of the award by the nominee/ gifted.

The process of finding blogs to nominate and then creating a ping back by itself is time consuming. Then who to nominate? This is also a difficult choice. And when you do nominate some blogs for the award, they will most probably not want it!

The rest of the process is fun. Answering questions and asking a few of your own choosing is good fun.

What would you like to see with Awards?

This is a difficult question. I think the sensible thing would be to do away with further nominations. Just give a few people the award and let it be the end of it. But then who will do the future award gifting? A catch 22 situation. Some senior blogger, with a following of a certain number of followers could be the one giving the awards. But I see that this will have problems of its own. Then I think each person should give/ nominate 3-5 people for the award. I hope there is some sense in what I just wrote!

What would you consider to be a true ‘Nomination’ Award?

I think the true award is when people want to read what you are writing. To a blogger this is true joy. The awards in WordPress are only those which bloggers give to each other without any fixed criteria. If there was a system of judging the blogs and awarding different awards as medals, that would just spoil the whole atmosphere of the blogosphere.

If it was a true Nomination Award, as in you are entered into a pool of other bloggers and the Award had more impact and value, what would you like to see at the end of it?

That would be too official. Just like a competition. I would not like to be in a competition with my fellow bloggers. That is my opinion. We can give these awards as compliment, a recognition of the blog writer’s creativity or ingenuity. That can be done from one blogger to another. Say, I like what you are writing and it is, a) helping or encouraging me, or b) entertaining me or c) making my life cheerful, I would gift you with a compliment like award, to acknowledge your blog’s contribution towards a happier or more organized me!

If you want to contribute your opinion to this question, please head over to Rory, A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips, and let him know what your thoughts are.


35 thoughts on “What would make for……Answer

  1. I like Fandango’s provocative questions. I enjoy some of the other questions people pose from time to time that are a fun break. I am not a huge fan of obligations to post award pics, create my own questions, and tag other bloggers.

    Today I posted a pic for a prompt and Kristian wrote a flash story about it ~ to me, that’s the best! Bloggers simply getting inspired to write without obligation to do anything more.

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  2. I agree that the true reward is when people want to read what you’re writing.

    The first year as a blogger, I was so proud to receive an award, until I received the same award for the umpteenth time. Then I realized that the odds were great that most bloggers would receive the same award if they continued blogging for a few months. It’s what we, in America, call a “participation award.” It’s meaningless.

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  3. Well you did indeed promise to write a post about this topic Sadje, and you have done that. With the two comments already posted, l am also picking up valuable information, and whilst l might have a different interpretation to some, l think that may be an English/American translation and quite possibly the same just written/voiced differently.

    i have an idea that would envelope all the suggestions at this current time, but am eager to see more information.

    Thanks 🙂

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  4. firstly I must state that I don’t do ‘awards’ never have done, that is my choice.

    Having said that I must say I totally enjoy reading others answers to the questions and especially hearing their excitement that they got one. So it does fill a purpose to encourage and reward … but I’m still not going there thanks 🙂

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  5. True, the awards tend to lose their meaning but their biggest advantage IMHO in that you learn more about the awards’ recipients. Plus, it may provoke further discussion as it’s done here.

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  6. I enjoy reading the award posts, but I can see how it would be tedious to someone who receives multiple awards. I would suggest a committee that would give out a certain number of awards with different categories, but who would the committee be made of? How many people would be on the committee? How many awards would be given in a certain time period? This solution seems to pose more questions. Haha.


      1. I’m not sure. Logically, either the committee would rotate through who would present the award in a specific order, or the committee could elect a “speaker” who would be the presenter of the award. If a committee was to form, that is.

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  7. When you are a new blogger it is always pleasant to receive feedback from any blogger. But for anyone who has been blogging for some time, and tries to keep a healthy balance between blogging and real life, the nomination posts which can be time-consuming could become a chore.

    For me personally, I enjoy them. I work on them little by little and they give me something interesting and fun to work on in supplying my answers to another bloggers questions. They give me an opportunity to write about something very different from Goldfinch or Jack – my posts about them can be quite emotional. So nomination/award posts are completely different for me – I take them up and use them as posts because they supply variety for my site.

    I think if bloggers become competitive and boastful about their statistics or blogging achievements – well they might get a kick out of it, but I think it can take the joy out of blogging. Although it’s nice to recognize another bloggers efforts and contributions to blogging. Just so long as the blogging stays friendly and everyone enjoys it rather than finding it is becoming a burden.


  8. The awards do because meaningless after the first one. I also don’t like the name “Awards”. It’s not an award that is earned. I do like the interaction of bloggers and sharing their lives and aspirations and finding out something about them. If the intent is to embrace and encourage new bloggers I think a new concept needs to be researched. With 30 million bloggers on WordPress we are all trying to find our niche.

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  9. I know some people enjoy answering questions posed by these nomination posts and honestly I love reading such posts! 😀
    But participating does not come easy. I am always hard pressed for time and oft lagging behind in my reading. So I am very grateful if I am not nominated or tagged but enjoy what others write. 😀

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