What do you see January 22-2019

What do you see, January 22-2019

Photo prompt by Hélène Vaillant



Open the door;

Opening the door takes courage and a great degree of initiative. You have two options in life. One is to stay where you are and wait for things to improve, get better and all that should happen on its own. No input from you required. The second option is to act. Act decisively and take that action that your mind is telling you to take. How do you want to live?

Open the door and step forward

Or just stay where you are in dark

Have the courage to explore the new

You don’t know where you are going

What are you going to find on the other side

Will it be better or even worse than before

But you cannot know unless you open

That door and find out for yourself

Maybe the magic of tomorrow is there

Waiting to shower its beauty and blessings

On you, only if you open the door and explore




Written for;

What do you see,

Photo prompt by Helénè Vaillant



22 thoughts on “What do you see January 22-2019

  1. A perfect post Sadje. We do need to step into the unknown. leaving our fears behind Trusting that going forward will be a good step to take. Thank you for joining the challenge.

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