The unexpected happening


Jane was sitting and working on her laptop in a street side bistro. A slight cough intruded on her concentration. As she turned around, a man was standing behind her. Jane gave him a curious look. Something seemed strange about him. “May I help you?” She asked. “I am the representative of a pet food company, I was wondering if you would like to try our brand of pet food for your dog?”The man explained and tried to give a can of dog food to her. “But, I don’t have a dog or any pet for that matter” Jane clarified. “So this dog isn’t yours” He asked. “Which dog?” “This cute little guy sitting near you” replied the man.

Jane looked around, she didn’t see any dog, cute or otherwise near them. She began to think that this man was playing a practical joke on her. She forced out a laugh and said ” I think you are trying to trick me into some sort of prank, there is no dog around here that I see” The man looked incredulous, ” What do you call this?” He was pointing to a spot in front of her. Jane looked down and said that there was nothing there. ” Nothing! This is nothing?” He stooped down an in an instant he had picked up a small, unique looking dog from the pavement, into his arms! The dog licked his hand with a tiny pink tongue and gave a small bark. Jane didn’t know what to believe. This man had, to her mind conjured the dog out of thin air!

Jane was amazed and bewildered at the same time. She had to believe the evidence of her own eyes and she knew that it wasn’t possible to just imagine the dog out of thin air.



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