Tell a story # 4

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He laid all his accessories in front of him in a methodical manner. The laptop was open and signed into his account. His watch, headphones, his cellphone . It was all there. Now what? He asked himself this question for the twentieth time and as the last nineteen times, the answer eluded him.

He had made the important decisions of investing the company’s capital in the new startup and though it had looked very promising, that startup had sunk without a trace. Now due to his unwise decisions, his company was in hot water. The blame was all his but he didn’t want to leave under such a cloud. He had built the company up from its very start. And now one bad decision had brought it to the edge of disaster

He rose quietly from his desk, and just walked out of his office, down the elevator and out of the building for the last time.

Written for; Tell a story


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