Do I owe you? The Entitlement syndrome

Have you met any of these people, in a queue or in a grocery store, who act as if we owed them something? There is this attitude of expectations that is hard to understand. Their behavior cannot be said to be rude, but there is an element of impatience which is off-putting.

This might explain their attitude. The experts say that this attitude is born out of a feeling of entitlement. If we are exposed to some privilege in life for a long time, we will start to take it as our due. Instead of gratitude, we will exhibit a feeling that we are owned this privilege.

It is also an after effect of young people being given too much, without much effort on their part. The feeling that the parents owe their children, success and happiness in life seems to have become quite a common expectation. Some parents also have this expectation that their children owe them as they, the parents have raised them and educated them. Some people think that the society owes them certain given in life. Free education, health care and other benefits for which they don’t think that they should be striving.

As a society we have not laid much emphasis on earning a privilege and being grateful for it. Life should never be taken for granted and neither should be its bounties and facilities. Develop the feeling of thankfulness and gratitude to stay on a realistic plane in life.

Another important aspect, is to educate the young people that the responsibilities of living a good life and being happy, rest on their own shoulders. This can only be inculcated by not providing our children with all that they demand, regardless of the need. As our parents trained us by depriving us of some of the luxuries of life, in order to give us the initiative to work towards acquiring them ourselves, we should do that too.

We all should be conscious and mindful of what is the environment around us. Savor the gifts of life and express gratitude.

These are my thoughts on this issue.

What do you think about this attitude?

Please share your thoughts and comments.



42 thoughts on “Do I owe you? The Entitlement syndrome

  1. I wish that I didn’t see entitlement as much as I do. I think it will get worse. I see parents coming into the school demanding this and that for their children…when those kids get older…yep. I feel we are just getting started with this societal problem.

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  2. I wish I could just look backwards and say “oh there it is. that’s the start of all this” and stop those idiotic feelings of entitlement in their nasty little tracks. My parents ALWAYS sided with teachers when I was an idiot…as they should have. So did I when my own kids acted like idiots. My little sister though took an opposite approach and her kids are absolutely entitled. I can not stand to be around them.

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  3. 😐😐😐 I can’t deal with these kids today! The kids of my generation were raised totally different at least that’s how I see it. We had to be more adult, more aware of the things going on around us (the 90s were a great decade). We went out and got jobs, if we wanted something bad enough Now, it seems kids fall out in tantrums as soon as “no” forms on your lips.

    Parents are little more weak too, maybe because the role of parent has been weakened? Folks seemed to be more caught up in parenting trends and following others than doing what fits for them or their child. Too many judgements thrown as soon as a parent doesn’t do what science tells them. It’s a mess.

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  4. I’m not sure if it’s privilege so much as a sense of you can get something for nothing and I blame the likes of Simon Cowell who appears to offer stardom and fame with very little effort or reality TV shows that makes kids rich and famous practically overnight. Combine that with YouTube stars, influencers, Instagram stars, people who are famous for being famous and kids end up thinking that this is the way to happiness and success rather than through education and hard work. Of course it will happen for a few of them but it’s a dangerous dream to chase and made worse when they are pushed by deluded parents.

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  5. Well Said. I completely 100% agree with you and with all the comments above. there is no such thing as a free ride. No one owes anyone anything. We all have to work for our successes. They are earned, not given. If you don’t put in the work and earn your successes, you will not have successes. Plain and simple.

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  6. Nailed it on each and every point you made. Everyone gets a “participation ribbon”; no one loses. In Ontario, 4 or 5 years ago, a teacher was suspended by the school board they worked in for handing out “zero’s”; “failing grades” and such for students who did not complete the work required in order to get at least the minimum in order to get a passing grade.

    Parents and the school administration felt that failing the student(s) in the course would hurt the child’s self-esteem or some other crap!!

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