The alphabetical Questions

Rory is again testing our trivia knowledge. Here is a new set of questions:

Alphabetical Questions

Can you answer these questions and then can you make a 8 lettered word/s by using the first letter of each answer?

Now l know there are 26 questions, so there are lots of first letters from the answers here, there should be plenty of words you can make with 8 letters. Some answers, not many have two words as the answer, however, YOU are only using the first letter of the first word of that maybe two worded answer.

Also, you don’t have to answer all 26 questions, you may be able to create an 8 lettered word or more with the Letters from the questions you have answered correctly. However the 26 questions do offer you a broad selection of letters.

So what am l actually looking for?

Well that’s down to you – you can make a post should you wish displaying both the answers to the questions and your 8 letter word/s [If you can make more than one], or alternatively you can simply pop your answers into the comments section below.


Quiz Question


What is a John Dory? A fish


What does a dermatologist study? Skin


Which is the least used letter in the English language? X


Who made an album called ‘Hot August Night’? Neil Diamond


Who had a No.1 album called ‘I Say I Say I Say’? Erasure


What name is given to the first six books of the Bible? Torah


Zanzibar is an island of which country? Tanzania


What does the letter B stand for in author J. B. Priestley’s name? Boynton


In which US state is Appomattox Court House National Park? Virginia


Which of Santa’s reindeer were said to have a bright red nose? Rudolph


What do we call a chicken when it is under one year old? Hen


Which British racing driver has won the most Grand Prix races? Lewis Hamilton


The film Ring of Bright Water told the story of which type of creature? Otter


In mythology, which nymph was turned into a laurel bush to save her from Apollo? Daphne


Which American state is famous for its gambling casinos? Nevada


What game has suits called bamboos, characters and circles? Mahjong


Who sang the first solo part on USA For Africa’s ‘We Are The World’? Michael Jackson


Which Scottish band took their name from a line in a Script Politti song? Wet wet wet


In what gear was King Midas according to a 1967 Hollies hit? Reverse


What nationality was Catherine the Great? Russian


Who was nicknamed ‘The Iron Lady’? Margaret Thatcher


Which of the Brontë sisters wrote The Tenant of Wildfell Hall? Anne Brontë


In which country was Israeli leader Golda Meir born? Ukraine


Out of all favourite casino games which has James Bond played in the most films? Baccarat


Anthony Hopkins based his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ on which British comedian? Truman Capote


What was the name of the bespectacled, intelligent, plain girl in Scooby Doo? Velma Dinkly

This is done, and I am sure there are a lot of wrong answers, ( THANK YOU GOOGLE) but this the best I could do.

My eight letter word is: BROTHERS



Want to try your luck? Head over to A Guy Called Bloke and attempt this very taxing puzzle


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