Mitigating circumstances

What do you mean, it was a mixup? How can you cook this instead of the five course dinner I ordered? she demanded. The woman was besides herself with anger. There was a number of gourmet pizzas arrangement on the kitchen table, ready to be cooked and served piping hot to the guests. The chef hired for catering the party tried to explain the mitigating circumstances behind the mixup but she was so busy berating him that it was difficult to get a word in. Her tirade laced with calumny and insults was making the matters worse.

“Hey, Tracy” intervened her husband in a calming manner. “There has to be an intelligent solution to this problem. Let’s think and work out something before the guests start arriving” ” Sir, if I may” the chef tried to offer his opinion again. “Yes, go ahead” said the husband, gesturing his wife to listen to the poor guy. ” Sir if you could tell your guests that today is a theme party tonight and today’s theme is Italy, then if we serve gourmet pizza in all the different flavors of Italy, they will think it is great fun”

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