The Friday Four #2

Rory’s new Questions for Friday

A New feature for Our Friday’s Together –

The Friday Four

1] Do you think our society could exist without laws?

It can exist, but not like a civilized society. We have to have some sort of rules to govern our behavior with. We either have the laws a government imposes or those made by individuals themselves. Without laws it will be chaos only.

2] How important is the freedom of speech?

Very, as long as I am not hurting anyone else’s dignity and infringing on the sentiment of others. That is my feelings. Someone else might disagree.

3] How long do you think humans have left on planet earth?

As long as they will act as human beings and not lunatics. If they are going to drain all the resources and wage war on each other they will accelerate their own destruction.

4] Using your mind or losing your mind, where is the fine line between madness and creativity?

Using one’s mind to create something good or beneficial for the humanity is on one side of the scale and getting obsessed with something to the extent of losing one’s ability to reason is on the other side of the scale. There is a wide gulf between these two points. Only a mad scientist can be in the cusp of the two!

If you like to try these questions, head over to A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips, and have a go at them.


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