Twittering Tales #19—15 January 2019

This week we have a photo by Pexel at They call this photo “Campfire”. It could be camping…or there could be another story here. I have no doubt you will come up with a campfire tale or two that will surprise and delight us, or terrify us or make us think. I love this challenge and the creativity you bring to the table! Remember to keep it under 280 characters and most importantly, have fun! I’ll see you at the Round Up!

Twittering Tales #119 – 15 January 2019

The camp fire

The food was ready and Jay waited for the sound of horse returning. But the sound that came to his ears was of gunshots being fired. He took cover behind the trees and saw rogue cowboys ride by with captured horses and knew that nobody will be back to eat the dinner.

Twittering Tales # 19


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