Oh no way……..

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke, has come up with new questions! Not very nice as far as I can see.

Questions – panic NOT folks, nice ones … well sort of!

Been chased by a wild animal

Oh so way. A ferocious dog, once. I would call it a wild animal, the way it was chasing me.

F@&ted in an elevator or other such enclosed space

Oh, NO way!

Read a book upside down

Oh so way! Who hasn’t tried doing it as a kid. The real question is was I able to understand any of it?

Been in handcuffs  … your interpretation …

Oh no way!

Started a fight

Oh so way, but in my defense, I was a mere child. Didn’t know any better.

Fallen asleep in/on the toilet

Oh no way.

Sent food back to the chef in a restaurant

Oh so way. The food wasn’t cooked through so had no other option but to send it back.

Changed a tyre

Oh so way. When I learned to drive a car, I also learned to change the tyre. But that was the only time I actually did change it.

Fallen asleep on a date

Oh no way.

Been caught doing it … your interpretation …

Oh no way.

Flirted with someone half or double your age

Oh no way.

Do you see the expressions on this guy’s face? This is me after reading some of these questions!

Sorry applied a bit of censorship!



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