Three Things Challenge # 14 ;The Miniature Automatons

I came across this very interesting information when I was researching Automatons.

Enjoy this article.

Automatons reached their moment of greatest splendor in 18 century Europe, when the miniaturization of the devices became possible thanks to the development of clockwork mechanisms. This is why many of the most famous builders of automata were also reputed watchmakers. For instance, the Swiss master Pierre Jaques-Droz built three automata of extraordinary complexity between 1768 and 1774.

The three little automatons built by the Swiss master Jaquet-Droz. Credit: MAHN

They were known as the Little Writer, the Little Draughtsman and the Little Musician because they only measured about 60 centimetres. They integrated a system of “coded” discs (with punched edges) and hundreds of moving parts that allowed them to write individual letters with real ink and paper, make drawings and even play music on a real organ at their scale.

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