Tale Weaver # 205; Maintainance

This week consider the notion of maintenance.

It could be what we do to a building.

What we pay to a former partner.

That we could be considered high maintenance within a relationship.

Some people take medication as a maintenance dose.

Go where the urge takes you and limit your responses to 500 – 600 words.

People called them toys, to him it was a dream

His high maintenance collection was his love

He would scour the store in malls and online

And buy as many as he could, though it would

Make him the butt of many a jokes and jibes

His friends would call him childish and immature

All the spare money went into this huge collection

And as years passed he went on to be known to

Posses the largest collection of LEGO ever to be

In the possession of a single individual outside a store

Written for;


Tale Weaver # 205



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