Being open to new ideas

I feel that there is another disadvantage of growing old/up! We or at least some of us are not that open to new ideas.

A new idea represents a change in how we look and perceive things. It means that we may have to surrender our way of thinking to give way to a new way of looking at things.

The normal response of people, who are not the proposers of this new idea can be of four types.

1. Skeptical;

The eye rolling, slightly condescending look followed by a plain negation of what someone has said is usually the most common type of reaction that is seen. The person can invite you to convince them, though both you and them know that there are very little chances of you achieving this. The reason is that they are already in a mindset where whatever you have proposed seems highly unlikely to them.

2. Disbelief ;

It is a polite but outright rejection of your idea. No, never or not in a million years. These are some of the terms that can be uttered at this point. There is no opportunity given to you to try to convince the disbelievers. Better pack your arguments and leave at this juncture, as there isn’t any hope of finding a receptive audience.

3. Hilarious;

Your suggestion has thrown your audience into whoops of laughter. How funny! You surely are joking! This is so funny, I almost thought you were serious. These are the sort of remarks that you hear. You then either try to clarify that you are dead serious or accepting defeat, you join them in their hilarity.


Then there is another type of response, which was the one you were hoping for in the first place. They listen and they think. Is this a possibility? Can it actually be like that? Or they would argue with you in a manner where the arguments and counter arguments can result in a way that both parties, at the end, have learned something new and useful.

What is your typical response when you hear a new idea?

Are you a part of the former group or the later one?

Waiting to hear from you.



39 thoughts on “Being open to new ideas

  1. I believe in discussing new ideas, to get an understanding, and see if they are valid. Yes to: a) artificial intelligence b) self driving cars. No to: a) gender is a social construct
    b) banning straws and not eating meat will defeat climate change.

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  2. It depends what it is. If thereโ€™s a problem, where itโ€™s clear that the old ways arenโ€™t helping, or actually hurting, then new ideas are called for. But if there isnโ€™t a problem and people just want new for the sake of new, then we may say โ€œdonโ€™t fix it if itโ€™s not broken.โ€

    An example that comes to mind is dieting. There is something that has always worked: smaller portions of nutritious foods and a little more exercise. There is no need for new ideas, and some of them are harmful. You just have to have patience. It took a while to gain 50 pounds and you arenโ€™t going to lose them in a month.

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  3. I listen, process the thought, and then ask questions. I tend to look outside the boxes. But I am curious by how to solve it. Whenever we have to solve a problem, there are multiple ways to solve it. Just one can solve it without any further chaos.

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  4. Iโ€™m open to new ideas as long as the idea isnโ€™t solely about change for the sake of change. Iโ€™m a big believer in โ€œif it ainโ€™t broke, donโ€™t fix it.โ€ Do you hear that, WordPress?

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  5. I think that I’m in the latter group for the most part. I do think that as I’ve grown older that age, wisdom and maturity have led me to this stage, in that you come to the realization that life is too short not to be open to new idea or thoughts. Doesn’t mean you have to agree or accept them but to at least be open.

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