Oh no way, oh so way!

A new game by Rory

Here is what he has to say about this new game;

I have just changed the responses slightly to reflect it my blog to ‘Oh No Way’ for I Have Never and ‘Oh So Way’ for I Have.

Your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or Oh So Way or Oh No Way’.

You need only answer in the comments section below or It’s up to you if you go further or treat this as a prompt for a post .. .

Questions – panic NOT folks, nice ones …

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – Injured myself whilst trying to impress someone.

Oh so way! It’s been a long time that I had to impress anyone but any antics. So if I look in the long gone past, there are hazy recollections of trying to excel at games to impress my friends. In fact I injured my knee in trying to catch a ball once.

Pretended to be a raccoon and eaten from the trash can.

Oh no way, never, nada!

Taken part in a fashion show.

Oh so way. In college we put on a fashion show to raise money. The theme was vintage fashion. We borrowed clothes from our parents old collection and modeled them ourself.

Made money by performing on the street.

Oh no way! Not that I would have minded if I had any talent or the confidence to do so.

Accidentally broken something in someone’s house, but not told them.

Oh no way! My kids might have broken something in someone’s house but I came clean.

Walked for more than six hours.

Oh so way! When we visited New York, we walked around for hours, me lagging behind the rest of the family. It might not have been six hours, but it certainly felt like that.

Stolen from a shop.

Oh no way!

Ridden a horse.

Oh so way. But ridden would not be a correct description. I was given a ride on a gentle pony, as a kid!

Jumped out of a perfectly stable aircraft.

Oh no way!

Cut my own hair.

Oh so way. Plenty of times. And also those of my friends, kids and any of the family members willing to risk it. And even if I say so myself, I was pretty good at it.

Performed my own dentistry.

Oh no way.

Fallen in love at first glance.

Oh no way, not at first glance.

Had a paranormal experience.

This has to be a qualified answer. So it will be oh maybe some way. I have sometimes felt the presence of someone or something not physically there.

This is a fantastic game. Come and join in.


13 thoughts on “Oh no way, oh so way!

  1. Hey Sadje, nicely done 🙂

    I think the paranormal experience is qualifiable to each individual – many a time many people have the ability to sense something, but equally many a time their subconscious and beliefs tell them not to believe so they tend to switch off. The 6th Sense is within us all – so if you felt something more than likely you DID sense something, but your brain didn’t know how to interpret it.

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      1. As is the way of problematic sleep patterns – sorry to hear it, l can relate, for years l survived on 2 hours a night. It damages your body clock and your bio clock, and then it catches up with you in phases. Very annoying 😦

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