What do you see Jan 8/2019

The green glow from the globe was illustrating the part of the library it was standing in. He was standing in the shadows, holding his breath. What was happening? He thought to himself. Suddenly the globe started to spin, the light it was emitting was also changing colors and now a whirring sound could be heard coming from it.

He was now afraid. Better leave the place, he thought. But before he could move, a strange thing started to transpire. The light coming out of the globe changed in character. It now looked like thin film like streams were coming out of it which were taking human forms in that quiet corner of the library. Peering from his hiding place, he saw the human, ghost like forms flitting in the space near the light emitting globe. Very soon, a whole party of people were milling around, talking to each other. He thought that there was something familiar about some of these ghosts. After thinking hard, he realized that he had seen their pictures. The were the ghosts of the authors of the books in that section of the library.

Written for;

What do you see Jan 8th by Hélène



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