FPQ # 9

A new “set” of questions from Fandango to mark the first FPQ of the year. One can answer both or either one of these questions;

“What are you struggling with the most right now?”

My struggles are two folds.

1. In real life, as always my biggest struggle is with my weight. I try different diets, ways of reducing calorie and exercise. My success rate is 50%. I am failing 50% of time and the weight is winning the other 50% of time, I hope you are getting my drift. So it goes on and on.

2. My other struggle in real life is time management. And I think that I am not alone in this. The time allocated to blogging is eating up my time for real life. I am like a puppy, chasing after it’s tail. Going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. I am happy to say that I have started to work on strategies to resolve this issue and am getting positive results. I love writing and reading on my blog but now I have prioritized writing, and when I am done writing my blog post(s), I go and read the blogs I follow. Sometimes I can only read and like and then there are days when my mind is in working order, I write sensible comments too.

“As a blogger, do you enjoy ‘virtual relationships’? Do you consider them to be real?”

As a blogger, I enjoy my virtual relationships! The people here in the blogosphere are my friends and I enjoy exchanging ideas with them. I share jokes, get advice ( and give it too!) and share my achievements and failures with them just like I do with my real life friends. So, yes I consider my virtual relationships, real!

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FPQ # 9


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15 thoughts on “FPQ # 9

    1. Yup! Mine too. But sometimes I think that if I didn’t have this problem to worry about, I would have found something else. That’s what human nature is. At least I can try to fix this one.


  1. I completely agree that virtual friendships are just as real as real-life friendships! If we only considered real-life friendships to be real, then we would all miss out on kindhearted communities full of people with similar interests as us with different perspectives that we can learn from.

    Alas, time management is something I think most of us struggle from. I know, me personally, I’m always surprised how fast time flies when I’m writing or blogging. It never seems like there’s enough hours in the day for me to do all the writing and blogging I want to do!

    As for your weight loss, I’ve heard that the best way to lose weight and maintain the loss is really simply to eat a balanced diet, have your sweets and chips in moderation, and exercise! If you find that isn’t working for you, then the issue might truly be a medical one as there are conditions that prevent weight loss or make it much harder to lose weight. I would recommend speaking to your primary doctor. That’s what they’re for! 🙂

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  2. Friends as in Facebook is what I struggle with but I do enjoy interacting with blogs because it tickles my cerebellum. How do you weigh friendship nowadays?

    Weigh loss, weigh gain. Have you tried cognitive behaviour yet? What makes you eat, what are you eating or what’s eating you? I have concerns with weight as well for my height.

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