Breathtaking Discovery

Wow! What a breathtaking view. It was worth all the hard work to get to see this amazing vista.

We had made the plan to go for a hike, on our first day here. The mountain track was not supposed to be a difficult climb. But as the morning dawned, the plan was almost stymied, because of an ominous crepitus that I heard in my bad knee. On examination, I could see a swelling in it too. This was an emergency, because it was felt that to go on the hike with this condition may worsen the state of my knee. Maybe even spoil the rest of the trip with the knee hurting and making the planned excursion, impossible.

But my clever brain came up with a remedy for my knee. I placed a couple of ice packs on my knee and bound them in place for an hour or so. After that time, I took the ice packs away from my knee to see a recovered knee. And thankfully, no crepitus either.

After that trip I went and consulted my orthopedic surgeon and was advised a total knee replacement.

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