Metamorphosis is a term used to define a process where a living thing changes its form to become something different. In literary terms, it is a change in appearance or personality.

As we grow up, or older, we undergo a process of metamorphosis much like a butterfly or an insect. This process is much looked forward to when we are kids. We can’t wait to grow up, be adults and take charge of our lives. Leaving the immaturity of childhood and venture into the age of adulthood. Physically we change in a way that is pleasing, mostly. Like a butterfly we get our wings and learn to fly on our own. And we grow mentally as well. Becoming independent, making life decisions and transforming into adulthood.

This process is once again repeated at the end of middle age, when we are stepping into old age. This change though inevitable, is not welcome. It is with a lot of resentment that we see our once agile and limber bodies change and we become the lumbering and slow moving oldies. But there is nothing to do but grin and bear it.

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