“Hey! Jackie, Give me your frank opinion” Stella shouted out to her friend. Jackie, peeked into Stella’s sitting room and looked around.

“What is that you want my frank opinion about” she asked.

“Didn’t you noticed my new wallpaper! I got a new one installed last week”

“Oh, hmm, yes now I can see that it’s a different one from last time I visited”

“So! Do you like it or not? “

“It’s nice… “Jackie’s words weren’t as enthusiastic as Stella had hoped for.

” You don’t like it” Stella said accusingly. “You know its all the rage there days “

” Oh, I love it Stella but it’s been changed three times in as many months now. Why aren’t you just satisfied with what you have? You know the fashion and trends change so fast, why are you throwing away your money on these frivolous things?”

” So it means you do like it? ” came Stella’s reply. Apparently she hadn’t heard a word her friend had said after the first sentence.








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