Queen of Questions #4

Teresa’s 10 Questions for today are all about the favorite fairy tales

Today’s Questions:

1. Everyone thinks they know the story of Jack and Jill, but why did they really go up the hill?

Water is scarce and the only well was on the top of the hill. Their efforts were however wasted because, Jack being a clumsy boy, tripped and spilled all that water.

2. What was humpty dumpty sitting on and why?

It was the wall built by the POTUS, between USA and Mexico. He was waiting to see how the people would manage to cross the border in the presence of the wall. He was cheering any brave person who wanted to climb over it.

3. What did Rapunzel let down?

Specially made hair attachments, reinforced with threads of steel. She didn’t want her beau to fall down and break a leg.

4. What was Little Miss Muffet eating and what happened when the spider came down beside her?

Miss Muffet was a greedy little girl and had bullied her sister into handing over all the trifle to her. But the spider was a social activist and wanted to show the bullies that they cannot take the share of others by force.

5. Why was Hansel and Gretel sent into the woods?

They were trying to find the cell phone signals. But alas they just found the witch.

6. Who really ate Grandma?

Nobody can or could. She is one tough dame!

7. What did the Three Little Pigs build their houses out of?

In the days when the housing sector was facing a slump in prices, all three of them got their own mansions in the posh area of the town.

8. What did Little Jack Horner pull out of the pie?

He didn’t like the candies ginger his ma had put in the pie, so he pulled all the pieces out .

9. What is the true story behind Cinderella?

Cruelty never pays and hard work can make you a princes, provided that you have connections in high places.

10. Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t his name…what was it?

His real name was Donald……..

QoQ #4



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