Queen of Questions 2019# 3

Teresa’s latest questions are about food!

Today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite chocolate dessert?

I love chocolate in any form and shape. Today my craving is for a dark chocolate fudge brownie.

2. Where do you go first in the grocery store?

To the fresh produce, veggies, fruits and cheese.

3. You win three minutes of free shopping in the grocery store with an empty cart…what do you fill it with?

I would dash over to the gourmet cheese counter and fill in as much as I can of all the speciality cheeses.

4. What is your favorite fruit and how do you like to eat it?

I love most fruits but due to my diet restrictions I can only have berries ( without cheating) , I put lots of cream, Greek yogurt, nuts and stevia our sliced strawberries and make a desert bowl.

5. You go to a magic cafe where plates fill with whatever you request…what do you get?

If I am not on a diet, I would get all the yummy carbs that I don’t eat normally, like pizzas, croissant, desserts…….. And hoping that since it’s a magic Café, I won’t put on weight after eating all this heavenly food.

6. How do you like your fish?

Made by someone else. I hate cooking fish and if I do, I don’t eat it myself. If someone else is cooking, I love batter fried fish!

7. Do you eat jello (what is your favorite flavor)?

Nopes , don’t like jello!

8. What is the most, ahem, “adult” food you can think of?

Dynamite shrimps!

9. What food do you eat that might put you in the “old” age?

What is that? Never heard of old age!

10. Mall food courts…yes, no, where do you eat?

Not food, per sé, maybe grab a few pretzels and coffee.

QoQ #3



10 thoughts on “Queen of Questions 2019# 3

  1. I am originally from Atlanta, Ga so I love good an different food. Now I live in the midwest where food is boring, bland and sad. All meat(mostly port tenderloin) and potatoes. I wish I could get the food I remember so well. Chicago is 3 hours away but the closest foodie town.

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