After the accident

The accident was nobody’s fault. Just the sort of unforeseen things that happen out of the blue. Alex was wishing with all his mind that this hadn’t happened, but it had. He wasn’t exactly careless in his driving, but he was just so preoccupied that his whole attention was not on the road. The recent bereavement that he and his family and suffered due to his father’s passing away, was like a thick fog ,enveloping his mind. He did see the guy on the motorcycle cut in front of him, but try as he might, the car bumped into the poor fellow. The cyclist was thrown a few feet off the road, his left arm broken but thankfully no other serious injury was done to him. His helmet saved head injury which was a cause for gratitude for both of them.

The paramedics were quick to reach the scene and took the injured cyclist to the hospital. Alex followed in his car. After examining the patient and setting the broken bone in his left forearm,the doctors prescribed rest for him for a couple of weeks. After he had taken care of the paperwork for the insurance purposes, he inquired if he could talk to the patient.The nursing staff was quite helpful and arranged for him to meet the guy.

Alex was very profuse in his apologies and the cyclist, Jason, very generously admitted to the accident being partly his fault too. They both parted on good terms, and Alex promised to take care of the newspaper delivery which Jason did every morning, till his complete recovery.

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