One liner Wednesday

Take a look at life from outside, as a spectator only then we can see the bigger picture.

The closer we are to a picture, the less clear it is for us. To get a better view, we have to take a step back and then we can focus on the details. Looking at life from the spectator gallery can afford us the preceptive of a neutral observer.

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12 thoughts on “One liner Wednesday

  1. First let me say, I was going to call you out and say, it’s Monday not Wednesday, πŸ˜†! I’m still trying to get adjust to the days, today I return to work from winter break. πŸ˜†
    Secondly, this is a great reminder to look outside the box. You’re right up close everything looks blurry and limited, but when we move back you can see the bigger picture and details you hadn’t noticed before. Inspirational!

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