I got my first wish for this new year.

This would not be possible without all you lovely people who like and read my blog. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and love you all have shown to my writing. It’s been a wonderful experience for me.

I started my blog less than four months ago, and had no idea about how to write a blog. It was learning as you go. And I have learned a lot since September sixth. I think my readers are also noticing the improvement in my writing skill.

I will use this opportunity to list some of the benefits of blogging:

1. My mind is more active.

I can think up the words that I need faster. Getting better with synonyms and also improving in my spellings. My skill at using Google to find the facts, images and using of online dictionaries has gotten better too.

2. The time is no longer hanging on my hands.

I am now usually short on time for all the things that I want to fit in a day. But I noticed that though I am writing more now than I did in the beginning, I can write quickly and a couple of hours in the day suffice for all I want to post

3. I can write poems.

This the most surprising part of my blog writing. I hadn’t written poetry before I started my blog. But now I find that a poem is a better way to express some of my thoughts. It has more impact with less words and people seem to like them too. A fun, few lines poem says more than a whole page at times!

4. Writing is therapeutic.

Expression of love, hope, sadness and anger all can be beneficial to us. Writing them down is like getting them off your chest and it revlives you of the burden to carry these emotions on.

5. Sharing my thoughts gives an outlet to my expression.

I always had a tendency to pontificate. Now I can do so without the guilt of feeling like imposing on the time and minds of others, because only the people who want, read my posts. Free will! This sometimes can make a difference to the reader as well as the writer. I am sure all of you who write will agree with me that when we are writing, sometimes even we are surprised with what comes out on the paper, so to speak!

6. Short stories and flash fiction.

The biggest surprise of all! And I am so proud of myself for this achievement.

Thank you all once again for being my readers and supporting me on this journey of self discovery.

I would also welcome my new readers and hope that I can write content which is useful, amusing and informative to you all.

Lots of best wishes for the new year. Blessings to you all.

Waiting for your comments and feed back.

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