Queen Of Questions # 2019 #1

Teresa has given us a new set of questions to answer;

Today’s Questions:

1. What would you do if you suddenly found a blank check on the ground?

Find the bank to which the account belongs and give it to them. Or on second thought, better to destroy it.

2. What is something you dream about that others would consider a nightmare?

I don’t think I have such a dream.

3. What is one hope you have for 2019?

To be a better person, a better parent and a better blogger.

4. What is one dream you want to see come true in 2019?

All my family in good health.

5. What is your favorite book that involved a dream?

Alice is wonder land.

6. Would you rather have a prefect dream date, or a nightmarish real one?

A perfect one, please.

7. What was one fanciful idea you believed as a child?

That I could make a ladder long enough to reach the sky.

8. You rubbed a magic lamp, and out popped a genie. What do you wish for?

Health, peace and happiness for everyone.

9. Should a person get everything they ever wished for?

Nopes! Then there wouldn’t be anything to look forward to!

10. If you were a child going through Wonka’s factory…would you make it to the end (if not, how would you go)?

No idea! Probably would be stuck somewhere in the middle, playing with oomba loombas.

QOQ # 1

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#QOQ # 1

12 thoughts on “Queen Of Questions # 2019 #1

  1. I like your answer to #7. What a beautiful thing to believe as a child. I remember walking at night as a kid and looking up and seeing the moon. I thought the moon was walking with me. So many years since thinking of that. You brought that memory back for me. Thank you ❤

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