The Anticipation


Today is the first day of the year. As anticipated people are writing about the past year, how it was for them personally and how did their blog fared. There are questions going around about should we make new year’s resolutions or are they made just to be broken.

It is the ever turning wheel of time that has us in a scramble. What is New year actually? It’s another day, start of another month in a new calendar year. The date has changed, but then it does so everyday. Why does it fascinates us so much? The fascinating enigma, that time is, has held us in its grip since we are born and will do so till we die!

In real fact, with the changing of the date, nothing else changes. Our lives remain essentially the same. Whatever circumstances we were in on the last day of 2018, we are still in those on the first day of 2019. The job is the same. Our home, spouse and challenges are the same. So why the excitement of the new year?

To my thinking, the change which comes when the 31st December turns into 1st January, is in our thinking and approach. It seems that this change starts a process in our mind, that makes us look at the world around us with renewed enthusiasm and energy. We feel that the newness of the year gives us hope and power to do better, to change our lifestyle and to achieve more.

Kudos to this new enthusiastic outlook! We do need this dose and uplift of optimism to take us out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. So here is to the New Year, New outlook, New resolutions and New enthusiasm!






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