Three things challenge 31st Dec

Grandpa was getting forgetful but that was okay, as neither he nor grandma minded it much. It was only when he forgot important stuff like doctor’s appointments, that they would be in a fix. Now even the hospital nurse had realized that fact and would call them two or three times to remind them of the up coming appointments.

And today he forgot that they were to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary in a fancy party arranged by their family. But Daisy, their grand daughter, was on the alert duty for this very reason. She had taken the day off from work and was at their home to help them to be ready on time for the party. And to remind grandpa about it. If you said it a few times, he would take it in and it would register.

What a lovely party it was. All their children and grandchildren were there to pay tribute to them.


Forgetful, celebrate, fancy




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