Revenge of the presents

The present galore is over for now but

It leaves behind a well planned revenge

A debris of paraphernalia of attachments

All of them are cluttering up my space

The ribbons, the bows and the wrappings

Scattered in my living room taunting me

Get up from your lazy bump and get to it

Everything has to be put away, sorted out

Tomorrow is the new year and its high time

To clean, to restore and put the presents away

But these presents have an expensive tag to them

The giver and the receiver are both under obligation

To repay or to pay for them, even when they are

Excessive and unwanted, a sign of money spent

Though there are loving thoughts behind these

But the expression of love takes often the form of

Extravagance that demonstrates bankruptcy of

Innovation and a need to measure our love

In form of how much we spend, instead of how much we give.

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