Life, and what it means to me


Life is a gift given to each of us with all of its ups and downs. There is no one in this world who has had an absolutely amazing life, as in a fairytale kind of way. We all go through whatever good or bad we are destined for. We are at times confused as to how to handle what life throws at us.

My own life has not been eventless or a joy ride through and through.

I lost my mom when I was too young to understand the meaning of death and loss. The grieving that comes with this loss was extended over a long period of growing up from the age of six to the age were the full realization of the enormity of my loss hit me. To say that this loss was something I never got over would be wrong but it took me a lot of years to come to terms with it. It was in those years that I developed my faith in God. It dawned upon me that if the love that I feel for my mother whom I lost when I barely knew her, is so strong then this love is something created by God, for there was no other logical explanation for it. This faith became my anchor and saved me from getting lost in self-pity. There were periods of sadness and grief but that is natural, but I became a stronger person for it.

The support and love of my father gave me the confidence to make my own choices and grow as a person. He gave all of us, siblings the good example to follow by living his life with them. I credit any good qualities that I might have to his upbringing. He took up the role of both parents to us, loving but inculcating good principles in our characters. There was no leniency towards bad behavior in our home.


In my teenage and young adulthood, I found very dear friends. Friends which are a source of love and joy to this age. We sort of grew up together, had a lot of fun together and shared our troubles with each other. Though I have brothers but no sister, so my friends became my sisters and family.

When I married a good man, who is generous and understanding, loving and most of all, kind, it did much to restore the equilibrium of my life. But life, you know, with its trails and tribulations is no bed of roses. My savior was my faith and an inherent optimist approach towards the darkness. I count my optimism as one of my biggest blessings after faith in God.


We are tested again and again in life. I always try to look at the bigger picture and do what I need to do at that juncture. Giving up or feeling despondent is human instinct but it can be countered by looking for a ray of light in the darkness. When I fall down, I get up and try to find my way. The way forward is not always easy or even visible at times but life has a way of righting itself if given time. The up is never permanent and neither is down.


The fairy tales are just that. Real life is a challenge for the brave hearted. Are we up for it?

What is your life philosophy?

Share your thoughts and comments.



16 thoughts on “Life, and what it means to me

  1. I can’t imagine how tough it was to lose your mom at such an early age. Your life is reminiscent of my Granny’s. She lost her mom when she was two and her dad and oldest sisters raised her. It’s great when the remaining family get together to care and provide proper guidance to make sure those who are youngest get a proper childhood. Some don’t get that option.

    My life’s philosophy is as well all that you mentioned. I grew up in a stressful household and as the oldest of 4, I had to take on responsibilities that a child shouldn’t. I was second mother, best friend to my mother(that’s a whole other story😒), and provider( in place of my father, another story😒) when I came of age or came into some extra cash whichever came first…i credit God(who I hadn’t come to at the time) who watched over me during those hard times by putting certain people in my life to help me keep moving. Now, that I’m devoted to Him, I give him credit still for who I am and the family I have.

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  2. Thank you for sharing such a personal and moving testimony to how we can persevere. I’m continually amazed at the ways people overcome and thrive in situations that could so easily derail them. And your father sounds like an incredible man.

    As for mine? You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Everything and everyone is here to teach you something. Grant grace to yourself and to others. And above all, LOVE.

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  3. I’m so sorry, it’s awful at any age but when you are so young. Your talk about it so beautifully. I hate to think what my son went through when he had just gone 8 and lost his mum and then granny within 6 weeks of each other. It completely broke me and I was supposed to be battle hardened. The motto we use now is “we dust ourselves down and go again’.

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