3TC Dec 30th


The card for the dance party was made by their joint efforts. A lot of papers were scattered in the art room were all the students of sixth grade were busy making card after card. They were the planners of the disco party too. The idea came to them when Mrs Watson was telling the class about her own student days. How there was this craze of disco dancing and even showed them a few of the dance moves. All the kids were amused by her demonstrations. Then Sally suggested the idea of having a dance party for all the parents. They planned to sell the cards for $ 20 each, to raise money for the school. Monty volunteered as a DJ and together the planned the party to the last detail.

When they told Mrs Watson of their scheme they won her wholehearted approval. She was impressed by their resourceful thinking and made all the arrangements with them, coordinating with the school authorities.

The evening was a great success. Monty proved to be a great DJ, wearing his headphones and playing the dance tunes and beats from the early eighties. And the parents had a hell of a time!



Written for ; 3TC, Dec 30th

Disco, headphones, paper



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